Edwaleni Orphanage


The South African Shop is partnering with Edwaleni Orphanage in Zululand, South Africa. We are donating 10% of all our profits to help them buy food, school and living resources. We would love it if you could take a moment to read their story, which we believe will touch your hearts as it did ours:

When confronted with the realities of the harsh and difficult life in Zululand in 1994, Keith and Angela were unable to walk away without trying to make a difference. Mothers waking up at 4am to tend to the fields, are forced to leave their children at home alone. For some lone toddlers and babies this meant having to eat fistfuls of dirt to try to ease the hunger pains that had developed in their mother's’ absence. For others, it meant a development of a fierce independence and an inability to trust anyone.

Keith and Angela set up Edwaleni Orphanage, which means “on the rock”, so that they could give these kids care, love, nourishment and, later on, a basic education. But more than that, they wanted to create a space where children and adults could be healed from the inside out. Where they could learn and develop important skills. Where they could participate in uplifting programs. And where hope and a future could be nurtured for this little community.

Edwaleni Orphanage supports the wider community by providing a training centre that teaches food security and upskills people who are unemployed. They also try to provide children that show a lot of potential with school uniforms and food parcels.

The Orphanage faces many challenges, the most pressing one at the moment being food and water in the midst of the most severe drought in living memory. The dream is to have a centre that produces its own food where the hungry can come for spiritual and physical nourishment. As continuity is so important in these projects and in most people’s lives, another central aim for the Orphanage is to produce strong leaders to continue their work and help to raise up the community for generations to come.