Tasty Tip for Chicken

Here’s a top tip we want to share with you, for you to be able to get the best, tastiest and most succulent chicken every single time! It takes a bit of planning, but it’s definitely worth it if you can manage to think that far ahead.

2tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1/2 cup white vinegar
Juice of 1 lemon
A handful of roughly chopped fresh herbs

1. Find a container large enough to hold and totally immerse your chicken bits (or whole chicken).

2. Put the salt, sugar, vinegar, lemon and herbs into the container

3. Fill the container with cold water and stir to make sure everything is dissolved and well-mixed.

4. Add in your chicken pieces or the whole chicken – making sure that it is all completely immersed in water.

5. Cover the container and put it in the fridge for between 1-4 hours.

6. After the designated time, pour away all the liquid and rinse the chicken to get rid of excess sugar and salt.

7. Pat the chicken dry and then proceed with your chosen marination method.

The brining of the chicken makes sure that the chicken fully absorbs all the flavours of whatever you choose to marinate it in next. Tell us how you get on with this one and remember we love hearing any tips or ideas you have on South African cooking so feel free to drop us a message anytime!

Sean Whaley